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Fling File Transfer is a full-featured FTP client and backup tool
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Fling File Transfer is a full-featured FTP client and backup tool. It does things very differently than other FTP clients out there. It integrates tightly with your system so you can use most of the features of the application from the system shell (right-click menu). Thus, you can perform most everyday tasks - like uploading files, modifying, or deleting - within Windows and without opening the application.

To set up an account, you need to create what Fling calls a "folder." You specify your FTP server's info and Fling creates a folder on the desktop that you can just open to get to that site. Other cool features included in the package are different ways of moving files from folders on your computer or between network drives. For example, whenever you create a new folder, you can see all the options: upload files to FTP, back up files between hard drives, back up files over a network, back up files over the Internet using FTP, automate regular copy of files to USB drive, and some advanced options. Of those, I really like how you can use Fling to sync a folder with a USB drive, so whenever you change a folder, the modifications will be made to the USB drive as well. The same applies to folder-to-folder backups.

All in all, even though Fling does not operate like a regular FTP client, it does a great job at doing it differently, while including several extra features.

José Fernández
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  • FTP client and backup wizard all-in-one
  • USB syncing


  • It takes a while to get used to
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